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1. Do The Tuscany Avenue has a Daily Rent?

We are provide a several room for Daily Rent Room ,by the reason of service system, You can contact us for update information at 02-511-4849 (Press 0). Exception, we could service for the daily rent visitor that contact from our current renter absolutely.


2. What lease terms are available?

There are 3 Types for Lease as Daily Rental, Short term and Long Term(a year over). Deposits are also Difference, According to the length of Lease.


3. Do The Tuscany Avenue host for group of tourists?

We attend to welcome all of the customer according to our room status. We are medium residential type that can suppose for tourists a short lease about 5 10 room.


4. How about the Deposit at Tuscany Avenue ?

Long Term Deposit = 2 month value
Short Term Deposit = 1-2 month value
No deposit for daily rent (payment for advance rental


5. How Can I booking for reservation at Tuscany Avenue ?

You can booking at our office daily service at 10.00 to 20.00 or you can contact at 02-511-4849 (Press 0). We prefer to receive a payment by Cash(THB), Credit and Accounting Transfer System.


6. What is The Tuscany Avenue pet policy?

We allow the pet that do not making an Interruption to our room neighbor.


7. What are the age requirements?

We require that anyone who signs the lease be at least 18 years of age, else if the renter below 18 years of age must be signs by warrant of parent. Id card or passport is need in any of application.

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