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Tuscany Avenue , Apartment for Rent , have rise the concept to improve the art of living by impressive ambience of decoration in Tuscany Style (South of Italy ) and combinative for appropriate design for this placing. We refers the way of Slow-Life living that make our residence to be fine and rest after working period in the complicated city. Tuscany Avenue established since 2008 and was originally concept apartment in Thailand .

The different of living in Tuscany Avenue decide to use Single Corridor System that make all of the unit almost fine in circulation, and the perception in each unit is private space too. There are many type of unit. such as Poco Studio(Little Type), Mezzo Studio (Meduim Type) or the Biggest one like a Duplex Room ; that has the double level of floor inside ,the space are separated to Bedroom, Living room, Bathroom, Pantry and Balcony . There are many variation in type of space belong to the requirement of clients. However, we have the lobby space in the center of our building for sharing the using public space.

Tuscany Avenue would make the feeling of users to be fine more and more, like we are resting and escape from the working period. We make the different on environment design about decoration, Furnishing and planting by combinative to Tropical style, that how we intend. So our living in Tuscany Avenue is Sensible for the rest of living.

We are Service Apartment that must have the integral for responding the client requirement.So we have Completely in Service as The Cafe de Tuscany to provide food and drinks, Wash-Dry , Room service and others Facilities(See also Our Facility). The user will not have to spend the times a lot on house keeping ,of course you will try to rest more.

Refer to Mass-transportation system in Bangkok and reducing Co2 Concept. Tuscany avenue follow the way of Green concept to adding the plants and using make fine for the clients to use transportation system. Many of client like to responding to plant in each spacing and overall we have good environments from inside to outside.

We are delicately design to make the vary of type ,therefore decoration and space are difference. We are continually to develop the out apartment in many processions toward the present. The planning in design would to maintain the originally of our Themes and we always improve the best to our community.


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